Coppell High School Athletics


Coppell at Marcus


Tanishq Akasapu and Oscar Ochoa | 3/6/2024


On a brisk Tuesday night, the Coppell Cowboys traveled to Lewisville-Marcus looking to extend their 3-game win streak, to a 4-game win streak. With playoff hopes on the line, both the Marauders and the Cowboys were looking for the three points. The game started very evenly both the Marauders and the Cowboys were maintaining possession and creating goal-scoring chances. But Marcus got the first strike at Coppell, with a pen. A lack of concentration in the Coppell defense led to a very ruthless tackle causing the pen. The Marcus penalty kick taker placed the ball bottom right, bouncing off the post and into the net. The Cowboys did not take long to respond though. A couple minutes later Sam Stone was able to get a shot off from outside the box. The shot looked like it was going off-target, but luckily for the Cowboys, a Marcus defender tried to block it. Only to send it into the back of his net, tying the game 1-1. Soon after that, the Cowboys were able to take the lead with a few minutes left in the half. With a very well-built-up play, the Cowboys were able to draw a foul near the Marcus 18-yard box. Sam Stone lined up to hit the freekick, which went over the ball and snuck into the bottom left corner. Up 2-1 in the dying minutes of the first half it was looking like the Cowboys had all the momentum. But the Marauders had one last chance with a free kick 35 yards out. Being 35 yards out no one expected a shot, including the Coppell keeper. Unfortunately, that's what the Marauder player did, a hard strike over the wall into the left side of the goal. Going into halftime both teams felt confident that they could win the game. Coppell had slightly more momentum, but overall a pretty even game between Marcus and Coppell. The evenness of the game would end in the second half where the Cowboys would just completely dominate. The domination started with a 35-yard freekick, reminiscing about the first half, Sam Stone decided to have a go at it. To everyone's surprise, the same shot that tied the game for Marcus gave the Cowboys the lead. Marcus looked like they were struggling ever since Coppell took the lead. They started playing very sloppily and desperately. This play style led to them committing a foul outside the box. Sam Stone lined up again to take the free kick, because of his hat trick the Marcus defense was more focused on him shooting than the rest of the Cowboys attack. Sam took advantage of this and instead of shooting he whipped it to the back post where Luca was able to get his head on the ball. With a great header, Luca was able to put the ball in the back of the net and was also able to put the game away. With a score of 4-2, the Cowboys were successful in extending their winning streak to 4 games. The Cowboys will look to further increase their playoff chances and their win streak on Friday when they play Hebron at home