Coppell High School Athletics


Lewisville Takes Down Cowboys


Derrick Brothers | 10/23/2021

PHOTO CREDIT: Roper Photography

Friday Night the Cowboys took on the undefeated Lewisville High School Farmers. Coming into the week, the team knew it required a great week of practice to be contenders against an undefeated team, and they achieved just that. The game got off to a rocky start when the Farmers returned a kick for 60 yards and added on another 15 for a face-mask. As soon as the Farmers scored, the Cowboys fired right back. They marched the ball down the field and scored off a QB scramble by Jack Fishpaw. From there the Cowboys struggled to find the endzone and the Farmers offense was hard to slow down. Down the stretch, Coppell finally found the endzone again through the air by way of QB, Jack Fishpaw, to WR, Luca Grosoli. By the end of the night the Cowboys went down 15-38.
Defensively, LB Jake Roemer, led the team in tackles for the first time with eight solo tackles, including a tackle for a loss. DB Isaiah Nichols, had a big night with seven tackles and two tackles for a loss. Nichols made multiple open-field tackles that stopped potential big plays for the Farmers. LB Jack McAdams, and DB’s Weston Polk and Braxton Meyers had five tackles a piece. Meyers also had two pass break-ups that stopped the Farmers from scoring.
Offensively, Fishpaw led the team in rushing with 44 total yards and a rushing touchdown. WR Andrew Nelson, led the team in receiving yards for the first time this season with 73 yards off only three receptions. WR Luca Grosoli, had two catches for 53 yards and one touchdown. Fishpaw was able to throw 9-19 for 142 yards.

JV Red:
The Cowboys' JV Red team took on the Lewisville High School Farmers. This was no light task. The Farmers were ready to fight and well equipped. The Cowboys’ offense struggle most of the night, but still managed to find the endzone. Defensively, Coppell put up a good fight, but couldn’t consistently make stops. The Cowboys lost this match-up 42-7. The offensive player of the game was Ayrion Sneed. The defensive player of the game was Zach Cody.

JV Black:
The Cowboys' JV Black team faced the Lewisville High School this week. It was a close game through to the end. Both teams fought hard and the game ended in a tie 16-16. Offensive player of the game was Luke Hurt. Defensive player of the game was Blake Short and David Weekly.

Freshmen White:
The Cowboys' Freshmen White team played a worthy opponent from across town, the Lewisville Farmers. Coppell found themselves down by what could have been a large differential, but clawed their way back into the game. They came back to top the Farmers 38-30. Offensive player of the game was Scott Fishpaw. Defensive/Special Teams players of the game were Ben Murphy and Beckam Sanguras.

Freshmen Silver:
The Cowboys' Freshman Silver team played Lewisville High School this week. Their goal defensively was to make sure the Farmers’ offense never reached the endzone. They were able to do just that. The Cowboys’ offense was able to move the ball well too. The defense achieved their goal and the final score was 28-0. Offensive players of the game were Richard Gonzalez and Josh Lock. Defensive player of the game was Kurt Collier.

Freshmen Platinum:
The Cowboys' Freshmen Platinum team faced Prosper High School for the second time. After only losing by two scores previously, the Cowboys were eager to play the Eagles again. This time things were much different, but for the worse. The Eagles had a couple new additions to their team and were dominant against Coppell. In the end the Cowboys went down 30-6. Offensive player of the game was Cole Sylvester. Defensive player of the game was Eric Olvera.